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The New Syntax of Today's Cigarettes

Ever since the beginning of the 1950s, it has become obvious that the quality of a cigarette is not only determined by the mixture of tobacco. Today, this reality is materialized in various ways. Here are the most important factors that determine the excellence of a cigarette, apart from the intricate quality of the tobacco:

  • Rolling papers. In general, rolling papers used to produce cigarettes are generally thicker than those you can buy if you want to roll your own cigarettes. Even so, if the quality of the paper is good, the levels of tar are but slightly influenced by the thickness of the paper.
  • Filters. They are of extreme importance because they protect you from inhaling large volumes of tar and nicotine. Apart from the already traditional cellulose, contemporary filters feature charcoal and other materials meant to increase the level of protection. Produced in more than one layer or multiple sections, they increase both the quality of the smoke and the pleasure of smoking.
  • Special packaging. Due to excellent air-tight packages, the tobacco inside is preserved in perfect condition from the factory of origin to you. This is especially relevant if you like a particular brand that is produced on continent different than the one you live in.

This level of performance and corroboration of many instances made possible the creating of the cigarettes you can buy today. With very few exceptions, you can benefit from all the features described above and still spend a reasonable amount of money on cigarette. The standardization we face today made such a reality possible. This is why you should not forget to check for these features if you decide to buy a new brand. The difference between a cigarette featuring all the elements above and one lacking them is quite significant.

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